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Title Planning Proposal for 65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood (Mandarin Centre)
Summary The planning proposal seeks the following amendments to the Willoughby LEP 2012:
- increase the maximum FSR from 2.5:1 to 11.11:1
- increase the maximum building height from 27m to RL 192.90
- amend the Special Area Provisions Map to show 65 Albert Avenue as Area XX subject to additional site specific local provisions
- amend Schedule 1 to include 'shop-top housing' as an additional permitted use
- add a new provision within Clause 4.4A - Exceptions to FSR
- ensure that any shop top housing development provides a minimum non-residential FSR of 7.68:1
- ensure that no maximum FSR applies to any development seeking consent for 'commercial premises' or 'hotel or motel accommodation', consistent with the approach within the Chatswood CBD Strategy
- provide a new provision within Clause 4.6 which provides that consent cannot be granted for development that contravenes the maximum residential FSR for the the site for any development application for shop-top housing
- provide new local provisions which relate to the area shown on the amended Special Provisions Area Map as follows:
- provide a minimum of 4% of GFA as affordable housing in addition to the maximum residential FSR of 3.43:1
- include new design excellence objectives consistent with Council's intended wording
- include a new provision which ensures that development must not result in additional overshadowing of the playing surface of 'Chatswood Oval' between 11am and 2pm during mid-winter
- prohibit development for the purpose of serviced apartments.
Stage Assessing Planning Proposal
Number PP_2020_WILLO_001_00

Address:65 Albert Avenue Chatswood 2067 Lot/Section/DP:2 /1035379

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 09-03-2020
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Willoughby City Council
Local Government Area Covered Willoughby

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination N/A
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Name Nick Armstrong
Phone 8275 1219

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