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Title Central Sydney Planning Proposal
Summary The planning proposal seeks to amend the Sydney Local Environment Plan 2012 as follows:
o Amend the objectives of the B8 Metropolitan Centre zone;
o Amend the additional floor space provisions under clause 6.4 Accommodation
Floor Space of the Sydney LEP 2012 to:
o remove ‘residential accommodation and serviced apartments’ from
receiving additional floor space for all areas;
o increase the additional floor space awarded for Area 3 (Western Edge)
by 0.5:1; and
o include office premises, business premises or retail premises in Area 4
(Chinatown and Haymarket).
o Amend the objectives of the RE1 Public Recreation zone which will apply to
the entire Local Government Area (LGA) to protect sun access to public land;
o Add a new design excellence ‘plus’ process which would allow for up to 50%
additional floor space to be awarded for development with a site area greater
than 2000m2, where it demonstrates design excellence in an identified tower
cluster area;
o Amend the height of building objectives to exclude sharing of views in Central
o Amend the building height map to increase height for some sites along Central
Sydney’s western edge from 80 metres (m) to 110m;
o Include sun access controls for Future Town Hall Square and remove controls
for Chifley Square;
o Amend all other existing sun access planes to ensure greater protection for
public places, through refining the calculation and extent of sun access
o Amend clause 6.16 Erection of tall buildings of the Sydney LEP 2012 to
require a minimum site area for tall buildings (over 55m) to 1,000m2 along
with requiring a set of performance criteria to be met. In addition, buildings
which seek an FSR greater than 8:1 will also be required to meet the
performance criteria;
o Add new provisions regarding the minimum ecological sustainable
development (ESD) performance of commercial development to achieve best
practice NABERS Energy with a Commitment Agreement;
o Include new provisions to require residential development accessing Design
Excellence bonuses to be subject to higher BASIX Targets; and
o Include new provisions to retain significant views from public places including
Martin Place, Observatory Hill and views towards Central Station Clock Tower.
Stage Post Exhibition
Number PP_2020_SYDNE_002_00


Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 25-02-2020
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Sydney, Council of the City of
Local Government Area Covered Sydney

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 11-03-2020
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
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Name Director, Eastern District (City of Sydney)
Phone 1300 305 695

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