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LEP Decision

Title Amendment 33 - Amend Bega LEP to rezone sites at Milligandi and Mandini (deferred areas)
Summary The planning proposal seeks to amend the Bega Valley LEP 2013 by removing the deferred matter status of Lot 721 DP 826975 (site 1) and Lots 471 & 472 DP 1043030 (site 2) and applying the following zones and minimum lot sizes:

Site 1 - E3 Environmental Management with a 7 hectare MLS and E2 Environmental Conservation with no MLS.

Site 2 - RU2 Rural Landscape with a 120 hectare MLS, E4 Environmental Living with a 1 hectare MLS and E2 Environmental Conservation with no MLS.

The planning proposal will facilitate the subdivision of 16 additional lots on which a dwelling may be erected.
Stage Approved by Minister or Delegate
Number PP_2018_BEGAV_005_01

Address:Sapphire Coast Drive, Tura Beach Tura Beach 2548 Lot/Section/DP:471 & 472 /1043030
Address:Princes Highway Millingandi 2549 Lot/Section/DP:721 /826975

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 06-09-2018
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Bega Valley Shire Council
Local Government Area Covered Bega Valley

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 02-10-2018
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication 15-05-2020
Publish Decision Approved
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DPE Contact
Name Graham Judge
Phone 6229 7906

Council Contact Detail
Name Carley McGregor
Phone 6499 2112