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Title SEPP Amendment - Realignment of the western boundary of the Oran Park Town Centre and increasing the height for the landmark building (56 new homes and 0 jobs)
Summary The planning proposal seeks to alter the development controls for certain land at Oran Park Town Centre by amending the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 (Growth Centres SEPP), as follows:
• realign the boundary of the B2 Local Centre and R3 Medium Density Residential zoned land on the western edge of the Oran Park Town Centre;
• apply a maximum building height of 24m for the rezoned B2 land and 9.5m for the rezoned R3 land (but 16m for residential flat buildings);
• increase the maximum building height of the landmark building site in the centre of the Oran Park Town Centre (i.e. part of Lot 3 DP 270899) from 24m (X storeys) to 47m (thirteen storeys);
• remove the application of a minimum lot size for the rezoned B2 land and apply a minimum lot size of 125m2 to the rezoned R3 land;
• identify part of the rezoned B2 land as the “Oran Park Town Centre - D” on the Special Areas map and remove the identification of the rezoned R3 land from the town centre application.

The proposal seeks to rationalise the western boundary of the Oran Park Town Centre, which is zoned B2, to be consistent with current cadastral boundaries.

It will also enable the development of a landmark residential flat building providing approximately 56 additional dwellings at the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue. The proposed residential flat building will become a focal point of the Town Centre, marking the confluence of leisure, civic, employment and residential activities.
Stage Post Exhibition
Number PP_2019_CAMDE_003_00

Address:Oran Park Town Centre

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 08-10-2019
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Camden Council
Local Government Area Covered Camden

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 26-11-2019
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
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Local Environmental Plan Stage
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DPE Contact
Name Murray Jay
Phone 9860 1512

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Name Deaelle Kandasamy
Phone 4654 7606