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LEP Decision

Title O'Connell Road, O'Connell Rezoning RU1 Primary Production to R5 Large Lot Residential with a minimum lot size reduction from 100ha to 10ha to facilitate rural residential development
Summary The planning proposal seeks to rezone approximately 200ha of a 289ha lot from land zoned RU1 Primary Production to zone R5 Large Lot Residential. It also seeks to reduce the minimum lot size from 100ha to 10ha to facilitate a 17 lot rural residential subdivision. 2519 O'Connell Road, O'Connell. Part Lot 4 DP 1023024
Stage Refused at Gateway
Number PP_2018_OBERO_001_02

Address:O'Connell Road O' Connell Lot/Section/DP:4 /1023024

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 19-04-2018
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Oberon Council
Local Government Area Covered Oberon

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 05-07-2019
Gateway Decision Not proceed
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication N/A
Publish Decision N/A
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DPE Contact
Name Tim Collins
Phone 58526800

Council Contact Detail
Name Shane Wilson
Phone 6329 8100