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Title Queanbeyan LEP (Poplars) 2013 - Amendment No 1 - Rezone land in North Tralee and Poplars precincts to IN2, B7, E2 and RU2 Zones
Summary Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council seeks to amend Queanbeyan LEP 1991 and Queanbeyan LEP 1998 to create a stand-alone SI LEP that will rezone rural land primarily for business and industrial land uses. The planning proposal incorporates the following draft zones;- IN2 Light Industrial Zone with no minimum lot size (29.25 hectares),- B7 Business Park Zone with no minimum lot size (9.62 hectares),- RU2 Rural Landscape Zone with no minimum lot size (10.72 hectares),- E2 Environmental Conservation Zone with no minimum lot size (6.17 hectares) and- RE2 Private Recreation Zone with no minimum lot size (1.24 hectares).The LEP will include other LEP maps and local clauses as outlined in the section 'Explanation of Provisions'.A Gateway determination was issued by the Department on the 10 May 2017 subject to the following changes being made to the planning proposal prior to community consultation; a statement that the proposal will be implemented by an amendment to Queanbeyan Local Environmental Plan (Poplars) 2013. outlining the permissible and prohibited land uses within the proposed zones; applying an appropriate minimum lot size (Lot Size Map) that minimizes the subdivision potential of land proposed to be zoned RU2 Rural Landscape Zone;  outlining the decision by Council on listing the former canteen at Fraser Park Speedway as a local heritage item; including any additional information Council may receive on land contamination in accordance with the response to State Environmental Planning Policy 55 Remediation of Land outlined in Attachment 1 of the Planning Proposal. including all of the relevant LEP Maps.
Stage Finalisation
Number PP_2017_QPREG_002_02

Address:Tompsitt Drive North Tralee and Poplars in South Jerrabomberra 2621 Lot/Section/DP:13 Lots

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 18-05-2017
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council
Local Government Area Covered Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 18-05-2017
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication N/A
Publish Decision N/A
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DPE Contact
Name Will Mayes
Phone 8275 1050

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Name Martin Brown
Phone 0262856277