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Title Planning proposal to amend Marrickville LEP 2011 to rezone 67,73-83 Mary, 50-52 Edith & 43 Roberts Streets, St Peters from R2 Low Density Residential and IN2 Light Industrial to B4 Mixed Use and amend the development standards (180 dwellings and 320 jobs)
Summary The planning proposal seeks to facilitate a creative industry precinct with commercial and residential uses, community facilities, a pocket park and off-street car parking. The planning proposal seeks to amend the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan 2011 as follows: rezone the site from IN2 Light Industrial and R2 Low Density Residential to B4 Mixed Uses, except for 43 Roberts Street which is to be rezoned from R2 Low Density Residential to RE1 Public Recreation; increase the maximum building height from currently zero for the light industrial land and 9.5 m for the residential land, to varying heights of 9.5m, 17m, 20m, 23m and 29m across the site; and amend the FSR over the site from part 0.95:1 and part 0.65:1 to 2.2:1, except for land at 43 Roberts Street which remains 0.6:1.The proposal will facilitate the redevelopment of the site for a mixed use development, which would result in approximately 180 new residential apartments and 360 new jobs. The proposal will also provide a 230 sqm neighbourhood centre and public domain enhancements, including 600 sqm of open space, pedestrian/cycling links via Roberts Street and public art works.
Stage Approved by Minister or Delegate
Number PP_2017_IWEST_010_01

Address:50-52 Edith Street Sydney St Peters 2044
Address:43 Roberts Street Sydney St Peters 2044
Address: Lot/Section/DP:Lot 1 DP556914, Lot 1 P180958, Lot 1 DP745014, Lot 1 DP745657, Lot A DP331215 and Lot 1 DP87885
Address:73-83 Mary Street Sydney St Peters 2044
Address:67 Mary Street Sydney St Peters 2044

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 15-08-2017
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Inner West Council
Local Government Area Covered Inner West

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 10-10-2017
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication 18-06-2020
Publish Decision Approved
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DPE Contact
Name Kris Walsh
Phone 9274 6299

Council Contact Detail
Name Colette Goodwin
Phone 9392 5138