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Title Planning Proposal to Rezone land on the NSW/ACT Border (Parkwood) for urban settlement and environmental conservation (5,000 dwellings/1,000 jobs)
Summary Council seeks to prepare a new local environmental plan to rezone land for urban development on the boundary of the ACT and the NSW border within Yass Valley Shire.The new release area will be in conjunction with a release area in the ACT collectively known as Parkwood.

The Parkwood release area covering both the ACT and NSW will create approximately 11,500 dwellings with urban services for the area to be provided primarily by the ACT Government.The planning proposal for the Parkwood release area in NSW will create approximately 5,000 dwellings to accommodate a population of 13,000 people.The NSW component of the Parkwood site has an area of approximately 600 hectares. Approximately 394 hectares is proposed to be used for urban purposes and 206 hectares proposed to be used for conservation/riparian uses.

Yass Valley Council has requested the Department issue a Gateway Alteration for a revised planning proposal adopted at its meeting 25 October 2017. In summary the revised planning proposal includes the following changes;
• reduce the footprint of urban development in the R1 General Residential Zone from 394 ha to 387 ha,
• apply both an E3 Environmental Management Zone (25 ha) and E2 Environmental Conservation Zone (188 ha) to environmentally sensitive areas,
• apply an SP1 Special Activities Zone (1 ha) to the Ginninderra Falls Precinct near Ginninderra Falls (recreation area, tourism, community buildings emergency facilities),
• include additional LEP provisions to manage environmentally sensitive areas,
• include a cross border ‘Services and Infrastructure Report’ to address cross-border servicing between NSW and the ACT.

Stage Approved by Minister or Delegate
Number PP_2015_YASSV_001_03

Lot/Section/DP:Lot 1,2 and 3 DP 1184677
Address: Lot/Section/DP:Lots 1,2,3 and 7 DP 771051
Address: Lot/Section/DP:Lot 61 and 62 DP 801234
Address: Lot/Section/DP:Lot 4 and 5 DP 771051

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 27-01-2015
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Yass Valley Council
Local Government Area Covered Yass Valley

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 16-04-2015
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication 17-07-2020
Publish Decision Approved
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DPE Contact
Name Graham Judge
Phone 02 62297906

Council Contact Detail
Name Liz Makin
Phone 02 62261477