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LEP Decision

Title Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage Amendments
Summary The planning proposal includes the following amendments:

- Rectify errors in Item 1 ANZ Bank and Item 22 Grave of John Grant.
- Amend mapping of Item 65 Cliefden Case and Needle Gap Area, to reflect the State heritage listed mapped area.
- Amend Item 30 St Raphael’s Church and Brigidine Convent to reflect the heritage item on the lot.
- Remove Item 35 “Myoorie” form Schedule 5.
- Add Woodstock Memorial Park to Schedule 5.
- Add Walli Memorial Hall to Schedule 5.
- Add Cowra Japanese Gardens to Schedule 5.
Stage Approved by Minister or Delegate
Number PP_2018_COWRA_002_00

Address:Lachlan Valley Way Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:2 /777730
Address:125 Kendal Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:1 /977165
Address:Davies Creek Road Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:2 /109287
Address:Davies Creek Road Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:3 /795356
Address:7 Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:2 /1091287
Address:lachlan street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:1 /16 /758300
Address:Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:2 /16 /758300
Address:Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:15 /16 /758300
Address:Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:4 /219354
Address:Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:12 /1149483
Address:Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:5 /826380
Address:41 Lachlan Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:20 /602422
Address:Baker Street Woodstock 2794 Lot/Section/DP:1 /6 /759112
Address:Baker Street Woodstock 2794 Lot/Section/DP:7003 /1017297
Address:Baker Street Woodstock 2794 Lot/Section/DP:1 /7 /759112
Address:Baker Street Woodstock 2794 Lot/Section/DP:701 /1019790
Address:1 Robinson Street Woodstock 2794 Lot/Section/DP:1 /27 /759112
Address:Binni Street Cowra 2794 Lot/Section/DP:7 /1173223

Submission Stage
Date Review Commenced 28-06-2018
Relevant Planning Authority (PPA) Cowra Shire Council
Local Government Area Covered Cowra

Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 26-07-2018
Gateway Decision Proceed subject to conditions
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LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)

Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication 20-09-2019
Publish Decision Approved
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DPE Contact
Name Nikki Pridgeon
Phone 58526800

Council Contact Detail
Name Dean Steward
Phone 02 63402000