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Title Planning Proposal to amend Warringah LEP 2011 to reclassify land from Community to Operational for land at Wakehurst Parkway, Oxford Falls (0 jobs, 0 dwellings)

Summary The Planning Proposal seeks to reclassify land at Wakehurst Parkway, Oxford Falls (Part Lot 21 DP 819277) from Community to Operational to facilitate the potential future sale of the site.

The Planning Proposal does not seek to amend the zoning or introduce building controls to the site.

Stage Approved at Gateway and with RPA for implementation

Number PP_2017_NBEAC_004_00

Supporting notes In February 2017, Council received a planning proposal to reclassify the northern part of Lot 21 DP 819277 (the site) from Community to Operational land.

The site is located between Wakehurst Parkway and the western side of Oxford Falls Grammar School (School), Oxford Falls. The site is zoned RE1 Public Recreation and is approximately 15 metres by 133 metres. The land is currently vacant except for an on-site detention system, which serves the school. Council is not seeking to alter the current zoning of RE1 Public Recreation.

The Planning Proposal will seek to extinguish the restrictions applying to the site to allow the site to be potentially sold in the future. The School has expressed the intention to seek Council's agreement to purchase the land, should the Planning Proposal proceed to finalisation. There is currently no lease agreements in place for the use of the land by the School and no business dealings between Council and the School for the site.

Council is not seeking to rezone the site at this time as the operations of the School (should this reclassification proceed) can be permitted by State Environmental Planning Policy – Infrastructure 2007. Should the adjacent deferred lands be rezoned, the subject site’s zoning will be reviewed in light of the outcome of this Planning Proposal.

Council has requested delegation to make the plan. However, as the reclassification will involve the discharge of interests, delegation is not able to be granted in this instance. The Department will manage the finalisation process.

Street: Suburb: City: Postcode:
Part Lot 21 DP 819277
Submission Stage
Date Proposal Lodged 14/06/2017
Relevant Planning Authority (RPA) Northern Beaches Council
Local Government Area Covered Northern Beaches
Gateway Stage
Date of Determination 29/06/2017
Gateway Decision Passed with Conditions
Link to RPA Web Site
Gateway Implementation Stage
Date sent to RPA for Implementation 29/06/2017
(Planning Proposal sent to RPA for exhibition)
LEP Assessment Stage
Date returned to Department for assessment N/A
(Planning Proposal returned to Department of Planning for assessment and drafting of LEP)
Local Environmental Plan Stage
Date of Publication N/A
Publish Decision N/A
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