LEPs Online

We are currently in the process of migrating Planning Proposal cases from this website. To view Planning Proposals for the Eastern Harbour City, Sydney Western, Northern NSW, Southern NSW, Western NSW and Hunter/Central regions, click here.

Welcome to LEPs Online – the local plan making tracking system. The process of creating Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) starts with a planning proposal which in most cases is undertaken by your local council. Proposals are then submitted for an assessed by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE) to determine whether they have sufficient merit to proceed.

This LEP Online site allows you to access:

  • Information on Planning Proposals that have been submitted to DPIE.
  • The "Gateway" determination including the reasons why the proposal has been allowed to continue or why it has been refused.
  • When the Planning Proposal has been returned to DPIE to be finalised after exhibition.
  • The final determination of a Planning Proposal.
To find out information about a particular Planning Proposal it is recommended that you use the search function on the Current Proposals page. Further information about assessing and determining changes to Local Environmental Plans is available on the Gateway Process webpage.

Note for amalgamated council areas: Planning Proposals remain listed under the relevant LGA that existed at the time the Proposal was submitted.